Hey, Phoenix, AZ—this outdoor fitness challenge is on!


Phoenix residents, it’s time to stretch and warm up. Arizona’s very first Challenge Course debuted last week, and the game is on. Can you beat the fastest time? Well, download GameTime’s free Challenge Course Timing App and head on over to Washington Park, located at 2240 W. Citrus Way, Phoenix, AZ, to find out.

Teens, kids, and adults of Phoenix now have a new, fun way to stay active, thanks to a generous grant from the Fiesta Bowl Charities and the determination of the City of Phoenix’s Parks and Recreation Department.


The Challenge Course opened Wednesday, March 8. Students from the local high school partnered with community members to try out the new course, a Pro 5000 American Ninja Warrior* style obstacle course featuring 11 events that enhance speed, balance, and coordination.

“The course encourages teens and up to get outside and have fun while staying fit,” said City Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, a leader of the citywide initiative called Fit PHX, which focuses on getting residents outside and active so Phoenix can be the healthiest city in the nation. “Unique amenities like this one are important -- that offer options for residents and the Fit PHX initiative. This is the first [Challenge Course] in the state of Arizona – I don’t think it will be the last.”

Park planners were super excited about the Challenge Course Timing App, available for free on both iTunes and Google Play. The app, unique to GameTime’s Challenge Course, lets users compete with one another or recording their own Challenge Course times. City planners can also access that information to see how often the course is used, and by which age or demographic. It’s a great tool to encourage park use and to help city planners create events and programs for different demographics.


Danielle Poveromo, the Deputy Director of the Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department, said the department is extremely proud of the course and that it’s just one more feature that will benefit the community and beautify Washington Park. “A lot of work goes in behind the scenes to bring a project like this to life, from the sidewalk you’re standing on to the astroturf to the trees that are recently planted,” she said.

The Challenge Course was sponsored by the Fiesta Bowl Charities, whose colors inspired the landscape architect behind the project, Jared Rogers. While most know the Fiesta Bowl solely as a college football event, the charity offers grants for deserving communities.

“This is a vision that started a year ago,” said Jose Moreno from Fiesta Bowl Charities. “We’re looking forward to seeing the smiling faces and active play that’s going to happen on this course.”

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