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Custom Design Capabilities

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Altitude Recreation has designers, artists and engineers who will work with you to create the perfect combination of stand-alone custom play sculptures, modular GFRC components and themed panels, roofs and climbers to build a signature destination playground unlike any other. We design play environments that tell a story and link a community's heritage and culture.

Our signature, destination playgrounds invite children of all abilities to enjoy fun play events that also enhance health and wellness. We carefully consider every detail of your vision to create unique play spaces specific to your goal. Let us design and build your next play space.

Featured Project: McDowell Mountain Park - Maricopa 16 15852176527 O 454 1583929873

Featured Project: McDowell Mountain Park

This custom playground, located in McDowell Mountain Park in Fort McDowell, Arizona and features a snake sculpture slide and shade to keep kids cool in the hot desert. It also features cactus sculptures.

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Featured Project: Hamden Heights - Hamden Heights School 23658938855 O 455 1518536442

Featured Project: Hamden Heights

This elementary school playground in Colorado features rock climbers, exciting slides, and shade.

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Advanced Playground Rendering Tools

When you're planning a new play or recreation space, it can be difficult to visualize every detail. Thanks to our advanced rendering technology, you can view your playground, Challenge Course, or fitness park before it's even built.

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GameTime Catalogs - Freedom Park Charlotte Nccolorful Vivid Shadows Cast By The Shadowtree Roofs 15409853500 O 265 1504637811

GameTime Catalogs

Check our GameTime's catalogs to provide inspiration and information for your play and recreation projects.

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