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Why GT-Shade

GameTime shade structures add a distinctive, cool look to your park, playground, or fitness area, keeping the space feeling cooler and more comfortable. GameTime's shade products block up to 97% of the sun's harmful UV rays, providing protection for both playground equipment and the people who use it, AND cool the covered area by up to 25º (14ºC), making it more enjoyable for children and families.

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Freestanding Shade

Protect park and playground visitors from harmful UV rays with our freestanding shade products. Available in many sizes, shapes, and colors; there is a freestanding shade option for any space or budget!

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Integrated Shade

This shade is more affordable and attaches directly to your play structure, swings, or even fitness structures.

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Outdoor Fitness Shade

Add integrated shade to our THRIVE outdoor fitness systems! People will exercise longer when they are cooler and more comfortable.

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