Chaparral Park - Arizona's first National Demonstration Site Park


Chaparral Park located in Scottsdale, Arizona has reconstructed their play area. When the city of Scottsdale, GameTime, and Altitude Recreation began brainstorming about their vision, one word always came to mind, this is Inclusion. A park where ALL children and families got the chance to play with other kids - not just alongside them - and for everyone to experience the benefits of play together. Brett Jackson, Scottsdale's Park and Recreation manager said, "All of our playgrounds in the City of Scottsdale are accessible and meet the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for play areas, however, access does not always guarantee inclusion, and this can result in lost opportunities for children with disabilities." That is when the city embarked on a journey that would enrich the community bring play for all with an Inclusive Playground: Play Has No Limit®. The play area was designed using the principles found in Me2®: Seven Principles of Inclusive Playground Design. The poured-in-place rubber surfacing creates pathways throughout the park giving those children in a wheelchair or walker the ability to navigate throughout the park and experience the fun too.


On January 15, 2018, the park opened up for use and it was humbling to witness the positive impact it had on all the kids, adults and families. The park is the first to be recognized as a National Demonstration Site in the state of Arizona.

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