Make colorful memories with our new color options..


New colors are available this year,

and we are so excited!

Why this is a big deal:

Colors play a crucial role in design, as they have the ability to evoke emotions and create visual interest. In 2023, we’ve updated our color options to give you more flexibility when designing playgrounds and outdoor recreation spaces. With nearly two dozen new material colors, you have more ways to create a certain mood or atmosphere, complement the natural surroundings, or coordinate with school and community colors.

These colors can be viewed online on a variety of structures using GameTimes Color Wizard.


We are offering color palettes inspired by the beautiful world around us such as…



Naturally occurring beautiful bedrock that can be found in many outdoor spaces on a relaxing stroll.

Ocean floor


Bring Atlantis to your playspace with tranquil shades of blue and green and a pop of purple that create a sense of mystery and connection to the ocean world.



Resembles a refreshing festive red white and blue pop you’d enjoy on a hot summer day.

Request a copy of our color catalog today for some inspiration!