National Demonstration Sites

We believe high-quality recreation environments play a critical role in promoting community health and wellness. The proper space can support a community in helping them achieve their goals. Research indicates that when stakeholders are engaged in the planning process, evidence-based design principles are implemented with the built environment, and supplemental programming is offered to further enhance user experiences, then positive outcomes occur.

National Demonstration Sites (NDS) exemplify evidence-based best practices in design and implementation, support health-related initiatives, and provide meaningful ways for community stakeholders to gather data about the sites’ impact on the community. There are five NDS programs that help communities turn research into practice in local park destinations. Choose to utilize one or a combination of NDS designations to thoughtfully support playful pathways, nature play, adult fitness, youth physical activity, and inclusion in outdoor play and recreation settings.

Learn more about each of these National Demonstration Site designations below.

Inclusive Play - Nds 13 1069 1686341036

Inclusive Play

Me2® - 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design®

Including people with disabilities in play and recreation activities and providing them the same opportunities to participate is true definition of inclusion. Playcore has partnered with industry leading experts to help communities design inclusive play and recreation spaces.

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Nature Base Play - Nds 11 1071 1686341777

Nature Base Play


Health research recognizes everyday outdoor play is nature as a powerful preventative strategy for overall health and well-being. In partnership with The Natural Learning Initiative, Playcore has conducted several studies that support the benefit of playground naturalization and nature play.

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Trail Based Play - Nds 9 1072 1686341783

Trail Based Play

PlayTrails® and Pathways for Play™

Playcore's work around nature play helped them to understand the role of sinuous pathways in the overall play space. They partnered with The Natural Learning Initiative and top trail industry experts to create best practice design principles to get children and families active on trails

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Youth Fitness and Physical Activity - Nds 8 1075 1686342190

Youth Fitness and Physical Activity


Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States, putting kids at risk for poor health. Playcore worked with Shape America, the organization that has established standards for developing physically literate students, to develop curriculum promoting youth fitness.

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Outdoor Adult Fitness - Nds 10 1076 1686342197

Outdoor Adult Fitness

Obesity is a health priority, and creating meaningful outdoor adult fitness spaces that offer a well rounded workout gets people outside and active. Playcore partnered with scholars to create a comprehensive approach to adult fitness.

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